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Welcome on the website of Limpex bvba.    
For more than 25 years we are active in the poultry business.     On the other side our suppliers/producers are also very
During this period, all aspects were completed and  this have   important. We only trade in European origin products and we
given us a good knowledge of trading, transport and   can say very proudly to have a personal relation with each of
slaughtering of life poultry from one side as well as the cutting   them.  This is very important to all our customers as this gives
and the further processing from the different cuts from the other   us the opportunity to ask each question to the right person.
side. Our customers are mainly wholesalers and industry.    
    Finally transport and distribution of all products are done in-
Our local  clients and the customers from abroad are always our   house. A local warehouse takes care of our products and with a
focus of interest,  each question of them is treated with the   number of European transport companies we have a steady
greatest care. We are very proud of all our customers, belonging   relationship.  In addition we have a couple of own trucks which
to the most leading companies in Europe and for which we do   we use for “just in time” deliveries.
really our utmost to serve them.    
    Please ask us still today for a free quote.
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Limpex bvba
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Tel: 051 69 67 25 - E-mail: - O.N.
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