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We can offer all poultry products without limits, as well fresh as  
frozen. For all Islamic customers we can guarantee 100%  
HALAL for certain products.  
All products from chicken, turkey, duck, geese, quail, guinea  
fowl etc ….  
Examples :  
- IQF and calibrated chicken fillets (100% natural and dry)  
- IQF chicken leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs  
- Frozen chicken wings, 3-joint, prime and midwing,  
  tulip wings, tips  
- Chicken breast trimmings, and thigh meat  
- Chicken breast skin, chicken MDM, baaderwishbone meat  
- Turkey breastfillet, and thigh meat  
- Duck fillets, duck leg meat, duck liver  
- Goose fat, quail eggs, quail fillets, guinea fowl  
  fillets etc………  
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Cooled warehouse
Do not hesitate to ask for clear pictures and samples.
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Tel: 051 69 67 25 - E-mail: - O.N.
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